Iran is a country with 4 seasons and is unique in terms of climate, because in every season of the year we can see many climates in this country. Iran's economy is based on oil but agriculture and minerals play a significant role as well. in Iran is currently the largest producer of pistachio, caviar, turquoise, saffron, barberry, handmade carpet, and drupe fruits such as apricot. Iran ranks the second in date production after Egypt. And it ranks second to tenth in their production

The largest reserves of zinc in the world belong to Iran.other products that Iran ranks in the second to tenth in their production include :fruit (ranked eighth), cement(ranked fourth), chicken(eighth), oil(sixth), and natural gas (third).

In the field of transportation Iran has a lot of potential. Iran railway network is a unique one,with 134037 kilometers. Iran has 2400 km of freeways, 23800 of main roads and 15400 km of high ways.

There are 15 domestic airlines in Iran including:Iran Air, whis the oldest airline in the Middle East, other Iranian airports include:Mehrabad and Imam Khomeini in Tehran, Hashemi Nezhad airport In Mashhad, Shahid Dastgheib airport in Shiraz,Chabahar airport in Chabahar, and Kish international airport are among the busiest airports in Iran.

Due to the great antiquity of Iran, this country has a rich and sublime culture and transcendent art. The first Iranian painting discovered is located in the Dusheghar(its a cave) of lorestan province, which is about 8000 years old. Later on, painting grew in Iran and Iranian painting(which some people mistakenly call miniature), was born.