From time immemorial until today, man has always been seeking peace. In today's society where everyone is involved in daily tensions and stresses few can truly experience peace, but travel is the best opportunity to stay away from industrial life, so travel agencies have made it very easy to choose a trip by setting up online booking systems for hotels, tickets, and tours.

HalitouR holding with more than 20 years of brilliant experience in the field of travel has been able to provide tourism services, during these years in compliance with international quality and standards and also having agencies in cities of, Kish, Isfahan, Kerman, Mashhad, and Tehran with the prospect of developing and expanding the tourism industry, is ready to serve travelers, throughout Iran. HalitouR company is one of the leaders in the tourism industry by establishing charter and systemic flights as well as hotel guarantees in Iran and the world in different periods.

And has continued its work during these years with the growth goal of E-Tourism and various travel services. The professional and experienced team of Holy Tour in more than 10 branches throughout Iran 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, try to offer the best rates and the highest quality hotels in the world to travelers.

HalitouR Company has provided the possibility of choosing a smart trip for the well - being of travelers by launching an online hotel and flight reservation site, as well as informing about the tourist attractions of the world's cities. In the city of Isfahan under the name of Prestige Tour is working with 3 active branches in the field of air travel and tourism services and has been able to take a big step of success in the world, by providing special and internationally competitive services in Half - Of-The-World (Isfahan).

In the holy city of Mashhad, it is known as the Star of Eastern Tourist, and has been able to make a significant contribution to improving the quality of services provided by the pilgrimage and tourism industry in eastern Iran.

Tolo-e-Shargh-e- Kerman is a complex under the management of Holy Tour Holding in the vast province of Kerman as one of tourism hubs of Iran, which has started to work due to domestic tours and international luggage tourism.